About Us

Our Story

Rani Africa Distribution is a brain child of two technology enthusiastic with a desire to create a PAN AFRICAN DISTRIBUTOR tailored to meet a gap in the market that can only be understood by its people. Through a participatory process, innovation and continued research, our desire is to add to our portfolio products and services that are tailor-made for the region across all sectors and industries

Our Vision.

We are committed to create a network of partners to work together in offering end to end customer focused solutions. We acknowledge the technology creates efficiency we endeavor to provide world class IT solutions at highly competitive pricing for channel products.

Polycom trio

We at RANI look at this in three words “Go for it”.  We are committed to providing the best industry solution and our pricing are highly competitive.

Be Direct  We value feedback we provide workable solutions, by directly engaging our partners  we actively listen and give  effective feedback we don’t dumb solution are we sell what we believe in.

We believe : reliability, long-term cooperation, innovation, responsibility, individualization. In our company, we value our customers and focus on creating value for our partners.

The Team

  • David Matutu


    Career counselor works with clients at various stages in their careers. Some work in colleges to help students choose a major. They also help students determine what jobs they are qualified for with their degrees. These counselors also work with people who have already entered the workforce. Career counselors develop plans to improve their client’s current career and provide advice about entering a new profession. Some career counselors work in outplacement firms and assist laid-off workers with transitioning into new jobs or careers. Others work in corporate career centers to assist employees in making decisions about their career path within the company.